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As a very well known fact in the majestic realm of digital marketing, using Google Analytics data can help you make smarter business decisions (yes really!). As a given, the data should obviously be accurate and correct, we don’t want to end up at the wrong side of the road. From what we have seen in the past 8 years, more than 90% of analytics accounts were not configured correctly, which led to inaccurate data leading to marketers not using the analytics tool at all or worse drawing wrong conclusions. So naturally, our first step for any analytics implementation is a proper, well conducted and thorough Google Analytics audit.

Now, another, more popular fact, is that the analytics audit is a highly time-uncertain procedure. It may take a few hours, it may take a few days, it may very possibly even take a millennium, it all depends on what you’re auditing and how you’re going about auditing it. Keeping the aforementioned stats in mind, and also considering that many analytics users aren’t even aware of how to correctly carry out an audit, we thought, if we automated the entire process with a simple and quick audit tool, it might end up making the world a better place for digital analysts to work in.

With that noble cause in mind, we set to work, and a lot of time and effort later, along with our in-house developers, we were finally able to produce the desired application. A simple, yet powerful analytics audit tool, that will check your analytics account for important configurations (and therefore make the world a better place to work in).

Some benefits of the Data Validator Tool

Besides the quick audit feature, I’ve assembled right below, a list of some other ways you will find that the tool proves itself worthy:

  1. You can email the report to yourself or anyone in your company
  2. You can save and print the final report in a PDF format
  3. A link will be sent to your inbox to make sure that you can access the report whenever you want.
  4. You can quickly validate 10 Google Analytics configurations

 download case study

Presenting! The Google Analytics Audit Tool

Now moving on to the tool itself, I’m going to walk you through the ins and outs and show you your way around.

Here’s what you do,

Click on the button below to open the analytics audit tool.

And it will take you to a page very similar to what you are looking at right below this sentence.

 google analytics audit tool

All set? Well, then on we go.

The very first thing to do, right after you land on the tool, is to click on the ‘Sign in with Google’ button to log in. This will pull in all your analytics accounts that are linked to your Gmail / Gsuite account.

With me so far? Now then,

Next, select the view you want to audit by clicking on the select view drop-down.

 select analytics view

Found it? Excellent!

Once you have selected a view, the tool will automatically go over all the important configurations that are to be considered when we are checking how accurate our data is. You will be given a score out of 100, and the configurations, correct and incorrect, respectively, will be displayed (we don’t discriminate).

The report is supposed to look something like this, (check below), if it doesn’t, you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

 data validation score

Now, if you have found your report without messing up, simply scroll down to the bottom and enter your email address and the complete analytics audit report will be sent to you right away. The report is rumored to contain a list of all configurations being checked along with a helpful link you can share with your teammates to get their attention on the fixes, and you’re done with it. See how easy it was?

 google analytics audit report

By now you’ve probably figured out that the tool is a simple alternative to moping around about the impending doom of an analytics audit. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! The tool will enable you to easily look at your primary analytics configurations and figure out if you are tracking the correct data, basically do your entire audit, without all the hassle. If you’re looking for an easy audit experience, by all means, check out our free Google Analytics data validator.

Even though the tool, in itself, with its uncomplicated design, is very useful, but, there is almost always room for improvement, and we will, at least until an apocalypse, constantly be working to create better, enhanced versions of our products and tools. So for that noble purpose, we would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch with us with your feedback or if you find any serious issues with your analytics implementation.

PS. Just one last bit of important information, we value our users’ privacy and do not save any of the user analytics data or personal information.

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