Case Study

Maximizing ROI for RVshare with Automated Ad Data Analysis

RVshare is a peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace in the US. Their diverse inventory ranges from affordable travel trailers to luxury motorhomes and can accommodate any outdoor adventure, whether it’s a weekend of camping or a cross-country tour of national parks.


Accurate attribution to cost data leads to improved ROAS.


Automatic collection and transformation of data that saves 10+ hours every week.

the challenge

Early on, RVshare spent on advertising and their goal was to optimize that spending through accurate attribution. However, since they are a marketplace, it is difficult to do accurate attribution since their sale is not direct. It is not like you click on a “buy now” button and a purchase is initiated.

The challenge is to ensure that once the seller approves the buyer’s request to rent the RV, then the ad campaigns that targeted the buyer get credits for the purchase.

the solution

We improved their measurement stack. Their existing stack had Segment and Google Tag Manager on the client side which sent data to Google Analytics and their marketing platforms (Bing & Facebook). The first thing we did was that, along with Google Analytics, we sent their data into BigQuery directly from segments. This allowed a more granular analysis. As the reports on Google Analytics were aggregated and they could not see individual user journeys.

Then we ensured that ad campaigns were only attributed to purchases when the seller confirmed the buyer’s request. To further optimize this, we used Markov chain modeling to get the best mix of recommendations to ignore sources of traffic that were not relevant to their success.

the result

Previously, the marketing team at RVshare had to spend more than 10 hours to manually gather raw data in excel spreadsheets every week and conduct attribution analysis for their campaigns.

Now they get clean, transformed data, which is customized for their analysis, at much more dept, ready to use for their weekly analysis of ad campaigns.
“We’re big on SEO, paid search, and display video. So we need data from these channels and very clear insights to improve our decision-making. MarketLytics enabled us to be better at our internal decision-making on where to spend and when..”
Martijn Scheijbeler
SVP Marketing
400+ eCommerce and SaaS brands are making better, data-driven actions thanks to MarketLytics
400+ eCommerce and SaaS brands are making better, data-driven actions thanks to MarketLytics