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Condensing Complex Data into Actionable Insights Reporting for Swivel

Swivel is a modern B2B sales growth platform. It aims to help mid-market businesses shift from brute-force to scalable growth with proven ROI. It works by serving as a team extension for businesses to help them optimize people, processes, and technology.

Why use Data Storytelling?

Boost Decision-Making

Empower stakeholders to make informed decisions through easily understandable and actionable insights.

Enhance Audience Engagement

Capture and retain your audience's attention with visually appealing and compelling narratives that resonate.

Simplify Complex Information

Break down intricate data into digestible and memorable visuals, enabling clear communication across teams and organizations.

Customized Data Visualizations

Tailor-made visuals designed to showcase your data’s unique story, aligned with your brand and goals.

Advanced Analytical Techniques

Leverage cutting-edge analytics to uncover hidden patterns, trends, and insights for a more comprehensive narrative.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Deliver your data stories seamlessly across multiple platforms and devices for maximum reach and impact.

Expert Storytellers

Work with our experienced team of data analysts, designers, and communicators dedicated to crafting your perfect data narrative.

Data-Driven Strategy Consulting

Benefit from strategic guidance on utilizing data storytelling to drive growth, improve decision-making, and achieve business objectives.
“Understanding customer journey and being able to map it is one of the greatest insights we’ve got from MarketLytics.”
Luke Harrison
Director of Digital Marketing,
Marketing, HVMN
“Marketlytics built us a lot of custom metrics that we otherwise were not able to find.”
Cherie McCabe
eCommerce Manager
Kindred Bravely
“What I like about Marketlytics is that their plan is specific for us and not generic.”
Sujan Patel
“Hussain (from Marketlytics) has worked with our agency for several years and is an expert in the field of analytics and conversion tracking. MarketLytics has helped with very complex issues innumerable times and we are so glad to have them available to support us “
Sarah Edwards
Chief Operating Officer
OMG Commerce
"I am confident that we have the right partner for BigQuery, Google Data Studio and Business Intelligence in general."
Simcha Kackley
Founder & CEO

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Data storytelling focuses on conveying insights from data through engaging narratives and visuals, while traditional data reporting typically involves sharing raw data and statistics without added context or visual appeal.
Our team follows strict data validation and quality control procedures, and we adhere to industry-standard data privacy practices to protect your sensitive information.
Yes, our team is skilled in various data platforms and tools, and we can integrate with your existing systems to create a seamless data storytelling experience.
The timeline depends on the complexity of your data, the level of customization required, and the specific project scope. We will work closely with you to establish a suitable timeline and ensure timely delivery.
We begin by understanding your audience’s needs, preferences, and background. Based on this understanding, we create customized visualizations and narratives that resonate with your target audience, ensuring clarity and engagement.
Yes, we offer data storytelling workshops and training sessions for organizations looking to build their in-house capabilities. Our experts can help your team develop the skills needed to effectively communicate data-driven insights.