Turn Data Into Insights

MarketLytics helps digital businesses gather and understand their user’s behavior


Data Validation and Trust

Maintaining reliable data and making sure your team has faith in the numbers is critical to getting value from the data. Using our audit, monitoring and education frameworks, we help customers connect the dots and confidently put it in practice.

Customer Analysis

Reliable and readily available user data provides clear visibility with benefits going beyond marketing to all customer functions. We partner closely with clients to build clear and actionable use cases for data and empower teams to ask and answer questions using it.

User Data Management

Users' behavior has emerged as a great asset for the brand, however, it’s personal and there is an increased need for transparency when deciding to use it. We help marketers collect and action this data with the individual care each of your user's desires.

Experience Personalisation

The data you collect is only as useful as the actions it inspires and how your customers are better for it. We share knowledge and leverage platforms to enable execution of seamless experiences across paid, organic and owned assets.

Insight Informed Decision Making​

For fast-growing enterprises actionable answers require cross-functional data sources all connected to each other. We help find effective uses of data beyond the confines of platform walls using our data engineering and user behavior expertise.

Our Clients

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How We Work



We review data sources, check quality and accuracy in the analytics platforms, and the current reporting and dashboarding in place.


Following audits, we define tagging objectives to understand what the clients' goals are, what information they require and what configuration they need for better insights.


With better information and visualization the client is able to understand the insights from its data and we as an organization help our clients to focus on the key part that can help them in bringing more conversions.

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