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What Makes Our Mixpanel Expertise So GOOOOOD?

How Marketlytics Can Improve Your
Mixpanel Experience?

Improve User Loyalty

Get instant insights into user behavior, allowing you to make timely decisions and adapt strategies on the fly. We help you set up real time tracking and customize dashboards for actionable data at your fingertips.

Unlock Conversion

Visualize user journeys, identify drop offs, and optimize conversion paths. Our experts assist in configuring and analyzing funnels to maximize your conversion rates and drive growth.

Understand User

Dive deep into user behavior patterns with cohort analysis. Our experts guide you in creating meaningful segments and interpreting the data to tailor your messaging and strategies for maximum impact.

Foster Long-Term

Track user retention over time and understand what keeps them coming back. We help you set up retention metrics and develop strategies to enhance user loyalty and maximize customer lifetime value

Optimize User

Test and iterate on different user experiences to find what resonates best. Our experts collaborate with you to design A/B tests, analyze results, and implement changes that drive improved user engagement and business outcomes.

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Case Studies


Helped an RV marketplace scale profitably after raising $100m


Established conversion tracking for visual production SaaS product


Helped a no-code SaaS product with user segmentation


Funnel attribution of offline sales to marketing channels for an investment advisory service


Optimized funnel completion for construction plans website


Designed funnel, paid media and owned media reports for marketing consultants

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