Case Study

Condensing Complex Data into Actionable Insights Reporting for Swivel

Swivel is a modern B2B sales growth platform. It aims to help mid-market businesses shift from brute-force to scalable growth with proven ROI. It works by serving as a team extension for businesses to help them optimize people, processes, and technology.


Provided a holistic overview of how each business is performing at a glance.


Created separate reporting views with meaningful KPIs for both client executives and internal teams.


Simplified reporting reducing a 30+ page report into a 3 page essentials

the challenge

Swivel needed a better way to showcase the impact it had on clients. While it had access to a lot of data for each client, Swivel couldn’t offer high-level performance stats to them. The company required a reporting view that was easy to understand and could clearly communicate their wins and losses, such as what kinds of messaging and creatives were performing the best and the worst.

All these data points needed to be accessible to client businesses. Swivel wanted to see KPIs for each audience, message, and creative and how content performed across channels.

The main goal was to create a high-level report that executives at these businesses could easily view, comprehend, and analyze.

Additionally, Swivel also wanted to understand how users moved through their marketing funnel and which funnel stages were helping them convert. These insights would be key to optimizing their sales strategies.

the solution

The strategy was to summarize nearly thirty pages worth of reports to a three-page dashboard that was easy to understand and only showcased important and relevant information.

The three dashboards were titled: Funnel Overview, Paid Media Performance and Owned Media Performance

The Funnel Overview page tells the story of how users transition from one stage of the funnel to the next. The Paid Media Performance dashboard compares how different ad channels (Facebook, LinkedIn and Google) fare against each other. The Owned Media Performance page shares performance insights of four main Owned media outlets: Organic Social, Organic Search, Social Selling and Email Marketing.

Each dashboard was further divided into three parts. The first one showed aggregated data insights so clients could get a holistic picture of what’s working and what isn’t. The second portion showed trends over time to flag fluctuations in performance. Finally, the third section shared detailed reports that could help investigate any fluctuations that were identified.

the result

We curated an efficient dashboard to meet all the strategic and operational objectives of Swivel’s clients. This access to meaningful data made it easier to identify wins and losses, devise strategies, optimize them, and reduce decision-making time.
I am confident that we have the right partner for BigQuery, Google Data Studio and Business Intelligence in general.
Simcha Kackley
Founder and CEO
Simcha Kackley, Founder and CEO Swivel Team
400+ eCommerce and SaaS brands are making better, data-driven actions thanks to MarketLytics
400+ eCommerce and SaaS brands are making better, data-driven actions thanks to MarketLytics