Maximize the Value of Your Data with Marketlytics

Position your business for success with MarketLytics, where our indepth knowledge of Mixpanel and Amplitude transforms data into a powerful asset. Stay ahead of the curve, optimize performance, and achieve sustainable growth with MarketLytics.
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Empowering Your Success with Strategic Approach

Marketlytics offer tailored solutions and expertise to define our commitment to your success. We follow the ways to empower your business journey with innovation and strategic insights


Tracking and attributing conversions accurately across channels for campaign analysis


Funnel stages optimization and enhancing user journeys for better performance


Providing key metrics to refine business strategies and achieve measurable success

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User Tracking
Tracks individual user behavior in real-time
Offers granular user behavior tracking
Tracks user interactions across devices

Event Tracking

Customizable event tracking

Extensive event tracking and segmentation

Advanced event tracking and reporting

Funnel Analysis

Analyzes user conversion

Provides detailed funnel analysis

Offers customizable funnel analysis

Retention Analysis

Measures user retention over time

Focuses on understanding user retention

Provides retention insights and reports

User Segmentation

Allows segmentation based on user properties

Advanced user segmentation capabilities

Offers flexible user segmentation

A/B Testing

Supports A/B testing for experiments

Robust A/B testing and experimentation tools

A/B testing capabilities integrated

Revenue Tracking

Tracks revenue and user monetization
Offers revenue tracking and analysis tools

Tracks e-commerce transactions and revenue

Integration Capabilities
Integrates with various thirdparty services
Wide range of integrations with other tools
Integrates seamlessly with Google products

Unlock the True Potential of your Product Analytics


Gain actionable insights from skilled analysis for informed decision-making.


Tailored strategies to suit your business needs and optimize performance.


Receive guidance for long-term growth based on insight data interpretations.

How we optimized User Journey Measurement data for

Builder’s data analytics in Amplitude were unstructured, and events and properties were not properly organized. This led to several tracking issues such as redundant data, confusing event names, and key events not being tracked.

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