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Hiring Philosophy

Who do we look for?
We’re excited about people who are already experts in their fields as well as people who are not yet specialized but show high potential. By “high potential” we mean people who have demonstrated the ability to ramp up quickly in a new domain and produce results. We are not credential-driven—rather, we want to understand your unique background and what you can contribute to our team.
You don’t need fancy clothes for work. Whatever makes you comfortable and at home, works for us!
We always have an excuse to celebrate and dine out.
Sometimes we leave our office for beach days to relax and unwind.
Sharing happiness at times of joy.

Core Values

  • Learning

    We build our knowledge from the ground up and pull each other up along the way.

  • Collaboration

    listening and evolving together, helping and supporting each other for the sake of a collective goal; reciprocity.

  • Ownership

    Don’t stay on the surface. Tackle the problem with a methodological approach. Own it.

  • Excellence

    Ownership is at the heart of how we do work, with a shared commitment to accomplish great things.

What benefits can I expect?

    • 👫 Work with a small team of bright people — When we talk with most people, they have a hard time understanding how we got so far with so few people.
    • 🤝 A company culture built on trust, autonomy, and independence
    • 💰 Competitive salary — we offer additional bonuses based on performance.
    • 😌 In-house OPD & Medical reimbursements — We offer reimbursements for the entire family, including parents, so that you know we have your back at difficult times.
    • ⏱️Flexible working hours — Work on the schedule that makes you the happiest and most productive. Here’s more info.
    • 🏖️ Flexible vacation time — So you can recharge your batteries whenever you need to, without having to count the days.
    • ✊ We make it work — Have kids? Live far away? Do you have a non-normative life setup? The thing we care the most about is the team. Once we know we want to work with you, we make it work.
    • 🏰 Centrally located office in Karachi — Doesn’t matter if you live in North Nazimabad or Clifton, it’s a maximum of 30-minute drive to and from work.
    • 💻 The hardware that you need to be most productive.
    • 📚 Book collections updated as per your choice — We truly want you to learn.
    • 💸 Referral Bonus – If you would like to work with a friend who you think would be a good fit for us, you can refer them and cash in a bonus for yourself!