Case Study

Maximizing Creatopy's Growth with Conversion Tracking and GDPR Compliance

Creatopy is a visual production platform that’s helping businesses scale their ad production via automation. The company has achieved yearly growth rates as high as 80%.


Actionable source tracking optimized marketing efforts and improved ROAS.


Correct implementation of event tracking enabled better targeting and segmentation.

the challenge

Creatopy had a full-stack marketing strategy with content and paid media going side by side and blasting on all cylinders. The company was also targeting users on seven different platforms. These were Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Quora.

Despite all that effort, Creatopy didn’t really know what was working and what wasn’t. It couldn’t attribute site visitors to these platforms and didn’t know which channels were fueling success. To make matters worse, the company wasn’t able to access business revenue data.

The goal for Creatopy was to track the complete user journey from sign-up to free trial to subscription purchase. They wanted to send the subscription data back to analytics and their marketing platform. All this needed to be done in compliance with GDPR.

the solution

The strategy was to make the right data accessible to Creatopy. Here’s what we did:

  • Configured Google Analytics on the required views, filters, custom dimensions, and goals.
  • Set up revenue and attribution tracking.
  • Implemented consent tracking to comply with GDPR.
  • Designed a dashboard to depict the performance of ecommerce, advertising platforms, and all marketing campaigns.

the result

With accurate revenue tracking and marketing attribution, Creatopy now easily reviews the performance and effectiveness of each marketing platform and campaign. This helps them concentrate their spending and marketing efforts on the right channels.
“We’re big on SEO, paid search, and display video. So we need data from these channels and very clear insights to improve our decision-making. MarketLytics enabled us to be better at our internal decision-making on where to spend and when..”
Martijn Scheijbeler, VP Marketing, RVshare
400+ eCommerce and SaaS brands are making better, data-driven actions thanks to MarketLytics
400+ eCommerce and SaaS brands are making better, data-driven actions thanks to MarketLytics