Why analytics is necessary for Digital Marketers

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Digital marketing has changed a lot over the years from telemarketing to discount coupons and survey in the email to ads in the newspaper towards jump at TV commercials and so on.

In each era, people/companies who realized the potential of these marketing channels have invested highly in these mediums to capture large chunks of market and became a successful brand.

Today we live in an era where each and every person is connected via the internet(Obviously), so it seems to be a very good decision for marketers to create their online presence. Since most of their potential customer already exist there with the number growing every second.

Marketers often get confused or frustrated while trying to create their online presence, because online marketing is not the same as newspaper and telemarketing. In offline marketing, the marketer has control on what gets viewed by the users and what options he has since choices were very limited but that’s not the case now since online users have literally a million options at their finger-tips which they can use right after finding them.

Another reason why marketers fail to see the power of the web is that they don’t know what’s happening to their marketing efforts which would be fine if it’s an offline marketing campaign. Marketers have created a mindset that campaign efforts can’t be tracked other than by increase or decrease in sales. This is not the case in online marketing. We live in a digital era where each and every action performed by the user can be tracked via in-house customization or powerful analytics tracking tools like google analytics, Kissmetrics, Mixpanel which give you way more information then in-house customization.

When a marketer doesn’t have tracking setup for his campaigns, those campaigns are no good to him and considered as money wasted, so usually, the campaign gets shut down due to cost being higher than revenue ( cost > revenue) . While in reality, those campaigns might not be generating sales but they might assist in sales which is great as it also helps in presenting them as a brand. So to ensure the success/failure of an online marketing campaign analytics tracking must be setup to track each and every user.

Analytics not only provides with data about your marketing efforts, it also tells you the way your users navigate through your site (user behaviour) .This data is very useful as this can be used to find areas of the site that need optimizations (error pages/no content pages) or sections of the site where user gets stuck, which country they belong to, their gender, language, device etc.

In the right hands, this data can be a game changer for your brand as it tells you areas that can be improved in your marketing campaign.

With data for each campaign, it is much easier to target users in the future campaign and A/B testing of content on the website.

Example (more detailed example, starting from offline journey to online)

You see in analytics that only users on mobile respond well to campaigns so you create a campaign only for mobile users

Nobody knows your business better than you. So before starting a campaign set a few goals or KPIs. If you feel you’re not up for the task or busy, you should hire a professional with relevant experience to setup analytics and KPIs for you that would help you keep track of your digital marketing investments.

Here are a few things you should do before starting an online campaign

  • List KPIs or goals you want to accomplish.
  • Use google URL builder in your marketing campaigns
  • Get analytics implemented on your site to track users.
  • Make sure your site is up and running for each and every user(whatever they location, browser or device maybe)

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