Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is one of the best tools for building manageable analytics & marketing tracking system. It allows us to separate data collection from the actual sending of data to various tools.

GTM once setup correctly allows us to collect data once and then reuse it for any number of measurement needs. From tracking revenue and activity in analytics tool of choice [google analytics or others] to doing data driven marketing [remarketing, conversion tracking] with any number of advertising platforms that work on the web [adwords, facebook, bing].

This makes future maintenance easy and upgrading or introduction of new tracking scripts painless and less time consuming.

MarketLytics has worked with Google Tag Manager since its introduction in private beta back in 2013. Have since then completed 50+ migrations and implementations of the tool. Common consulting includes

  • Training [Developers & Marketers]
  • Setup & Migration to GTM
  • Audits & Documentation [Making sure the setup is done right & Documented]
  • Creative Enhancements  [Using our knowledge of gtm to deliver bespoke needs]