Understand your users to engage, convert and retain better

Metrics tell you what’s happening. MarketLytics tells you why. We empower you to demystify user behaviour, drive conversions, and increase engagement, growth and revenue.

Why product builders trust MarketLytics?

Product-led growth (PLG)

We will help you nail your PLG & build a lovable product by identifying that “a-ha” moment for your users based on how they interact with it.

How is my product used?

See which features are most popular and how many power users you have.

Conversion-Funnel Analysis - Where and why do users drop off?

Design retroactive funnels to analyze conversion rates. Identify high and low performing user segments and locate the steps that cause friction.

How and what users to retain?

We help you group them in relevant cohorts specific to your product and take actions accordingly.

Understand your customer audiences

Go beyond surface-level data like page views and clicks to analyze user behaviours, interests, attributes, channels and more.

We're the experts that keep all your data and dots connected.

Our clients increase conversion, response rates, and feature adoption all while decreasing hours needed to make data-backed decisions.


Helped an RV marketplace scale profitably after raising $100m


Established conversion tracking for visual production SaaS product


Helped a no-code SaaS product with user segmentation


Funnel attribution of offline sales to marketing channels for an advisory service


Optimized funnel completion for house plan eCommerce website


Designed funnel, paid media and owned media reports for marketing consultants

Start building products that generate value.