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The Plan Collection sells house floor plans to homeowners, prospective homeowners, and builders. While they started their online catalog in 2002, they’ve been operational and trusted for over 40 years.

Our GA4 Migration Process

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GA4 migration experience

Effortless Transition

Experience a smooth transition from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) with our impeccable migration process. Enjoy uninterrupted data reporting, ensuring your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) remain consistent and current, making it seem as though nothing has changed.

Familiar Reporting Format

If you found comfort in the familiar reporting style of UA, there’s no need to worry. Even though you’re navigating through GA4, we ensure a comparable reporting experience by mapping your UA data directly to GA4. This allows you to navigate through reports effortlessly, with the familiarity you were accustomed to.

Secure Backup of UA Data

Note that backing up your UA data will be impossible after June of the upcoming year. To aid you in preserving historical data for insightful year-over-year (YoY) comparisons – particularly useful for assessing seasonal demands – we will back up your UA data on your behalf, ensuring it’s available when you need it.

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GA4 migration at scale - How we migrated 120 websites for iPR Software

IPR Software, a CMS platform for news sites, faced a challenge when their analytics dashboard on the Universal Analytics (UA) platform became obsolete without backward compatibility, despite having 120 live websites on the platform.

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While UA and GA4 share some similarities, there are several key differences between the two:

  • Event-Based Data Model: UA was based on both page views and events, whereas GA4 is entirely based on events. Every action in GA4 is considered an event, including page views.
  • Event Tracking: UA events allowed for only four parameters (category, action, label, and value), while GA4 allows for up to 25 parameters per event.
  • Cross-Platform and Device Tracking: In UA, app tracking and website tracking were separate. In contrast, GA4 allows for tracking of user activity across devices and platforms, as well as offline tracking in one place.
  • User Data Control: GA4 includes built-in features that enable organizations to comply with user data deletion requests, a requirement under new privacy and data control laws and regulations.
  • E-commerce Tracking: Enhanced e-commerce tracking is much easier to implement in GA4.
  • BigQuery Integration: Data can be sent directly to a data warehouse in GA4 without requiring a third-party data connector.
GA4 is free. However, there are certain limits, and if you do hit those limits, then you might consider upgrading to the paid version of GA4.
You should switch to GA4 as soon as possible. Google will discontinue Universal Analytics on 1st July 2023 and there will be no backward compatibility for UA data. So an earlier switch means more historical data.
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