Diversity and Inclusion at MarketLytics

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What we’re aiming for

🤝 We believe diversity has to go hand-in-hand with inclusion.

Inclusion to us means everyone in the team being able to bring their full self to work without feeling like they need to hide a part of it. We want this to always be the case for everyone as we continue to grow and increase the diversity of the people working here.

What we are doing to get there

Hiring – Applications and Sourcing

🔎 Targeted sourcing. We consider applications from everyone, but when we look for candidates, we actively look for people who are under-represented at the moment in our company.

☂️ Inclusive job adverts thanks to:

  • Bullet point awareness. We try to keep the core competencies in our job adverts under 6 bullet points since research shows any more than that decreases applications from female candidates.
  • Encouraging applications. We encourage people who feel they don’t meet all the criteria to apply anyway, to make sure we don’t miss out on someone great because of lack of confidence.

🏦 No unpaid internships. Unpaid internships are bad practices and exclude young people from low-income backgrounds.

Hiring – Interviewing

Structured interview processes with clear assessment criteria. [Research shows](https://hbr.org/2016/04/how-to-take-the-bias-out-of-interviews?) that structured interviews help reduce bias when evaluating candidates. Of course, we don’t interview like robots: we ask personalized or follow-up questions too! But we have a core set of questions that we ask everyone, with assessment criteria discussed in advance, so everyone can be evaluated fairly.

🤔 We question our conclusions and ask for second opinions. When we are unsure about someone, especially if it’s a screening call where only one person was interviewing, we get second opinions from other people in the team to check our biases. Sometimes we do this for applications as well.

🤓 We’re feedback nerds. We love giving feedback to candidates: we believe it’s important to give something back in exchange for the time invested in getting to know MarketLytics. There’s an extra advantage to this: if the feedback needs to go to the candidate, it means it needs to be well articulated, fair, and justified. A generic “no” isn’t a thing here, and this helps us make sure we’re not biased when we don’t move forward with someone.

Making sure the team is happy and comfortable

💰 In-house OPD & Medical reimbursements — We offer reimbursements for the entire family, including parents, so that you know we have your back during difficult times.

We make it work — Have kids? Live far away? Do you have a non-normative life setup? The thing we care about the most is the team. Once we know we want to work with you, we make it work. Even a reduced work week could be an option.

👩‍👩‍👦 👨‍👧‍👦 Parent and family planning friendly. If you’re already a parent, you can set a schedule that plans your work around your family, not the other way round. If you’re soon to be a parent, we will support you to take full maternity and paternity leave. If you need a phased return to work or extra paid time off, we can offer this.

📅 Celebrate what matters to you. Public holiday calendars revolve around specific cultural dates that may not matter to everyone. To help you celebrate what matters the most to you, you can choose to work a public holiday in exchange for another date. Want to swap Eid with Easter or Eid with Diwali? You can do that

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