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At MarketLytics we want people to work in the way they are most productive and happy. Additionally, we have full trust in everyone on the team. We either work with someone with full trust, or we don’t work together.

📅 Your Schedule

We all know what schedule works best for us and we support you in adopting the one that suits you the most. Be it starting early and leaving early, starting late and leaving late, starting early and leaving late… We don’t care, everyone should do what makes them happy. In return, we ask that everyone is very responsible and have a strong work ethic, which we all already do.

There is no bias or preference for any schedule. Every one of us is a unique person and has to do what works best for us.


  • Talha
    Talha, one of our Data Associates, just doesn’t do mornings. It’s unlikely you’ll see him in the office before 11 am. He finds that starting at 11 am and working in the evening suits his style better. If something urgent needs to be done, he’ll do it before 11 am, from home.
  • Sameen
    Sameen, she is our Senior Data Solutions Specialist, is an early riser. She usually starts working at 8 am and finishes in the early afternoon so she can spend time with her family.

👩‍⚕️ Transparency

You don’t need to ask for permission or book time off to go to a doctor’s appointment or any similar thing. You just need to put it in your calendar and tell the team so they know you won’t be around.

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