How to Re-Engage Abandoned Users with Mixpanel Messages

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Retaining visitors on your product or a website is pretty difficult unless you don’t have that amazing content that forces visitors to navigate to other pages(i.e products).

You might be running email campaigns to re-engage users who stopped using your app. It will be difficult to figure out user behavior and targeting those specific people with a single email. Let’s say you are using Google Analytics, but it has no such feature to send emails or messages.

Your ultimate choice could be Mixpanel, which is the best web & mobile analytics tool, that focuses on people tracking. The aim of this article is to help you understand messages in Mixpanel to re-engage abandoned users.

Note: If you are interested to know how Mixpanel is different than Google Analytics, please read our detailed Google Analytics vs Mixpanel comparison.

Why Mixpanel?

Mixpanel is a powerful yet advanced web and mobile analytics tool. It focuses more on user actions rather than just pageviews. It is best suitable for web & mobile applications, SaaS products, and large businesses.

The beauty of Mixpanel is its core focus on event tracking. It empowers you to make decisions based on what visitors did when they landed on your product and not which page they viewed.

Another very powerful feature Mixpanel supports is people tracking. You can identify an anonymous visitor and track his/her actions.

Using Mixpanel, you can find answers to few of the important questions like:

  1. What a visitor did when he/she first landed on your product?
  2. Which action does a visitor take frequently?
  3. Where do people drop off the purchase funnel?
  4. How often do people use my app?
  5. How many people subscribe to my app each day?
  6. and much more…

Getting started with Mixpanel is easy. You can sign up for a FREE subscription to get your hands dirty with Mixpanel.

Intro to Mixpanel Messages

Messages in Mixpanel is an awesome feature to re-engage people with your product. To do this, you will have to first identify each user with people tracking.

You can re-engage people based on their actions, and not just who they are. For example, you can send a coupon code to people who have purchased a product with your app more than 5 times in the last 30 days.

How to setup Mixpanel Messages?

Messages can only be sent to users who have people profiles. Under a FREE plan, you can send up to 1000 messages per month. For more details about message limits, click here.

Step1: Compose Message

To send a message in Mixpanel, navigate to messages from the left panel.

 access mixpanel messages

Click create message drop down and select message.

 create a mixpanel message

Enter message name and your message

 enter message details

Step2: Target Users

The second step is to choose who you want to target. You can choose between people and events to set the condition.

 message condition

Step3: Schedule Delivery

The final step is to set the time to send the message. You can send this asp or schedule it for a later time.

The best benefit of scheduling message is you can send according to user’s timezone.

 schedule mixpanel message

Did you achieve your target?

Every message you send should have a purpose. For example, a message containing a coupon code should improve lost customer engagement and increase in paying customers.

Based on the condition we set in the previous step, we can now check Order Button Click event to see if it has increased after the message has been sent.


Messages in Mixpanel is a feature and there are few other interesting features that you need to understand and use. We will be covering each feature in detail so sign up to our newsletter to read it first.

If you have any questions related to this article, please buzz our comments below and if you need help with integration, get in touch with us.

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