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MarketLytics, A Google Analytics Certified partner company, is looking for a Project Delivery Specialist. Candidates with prior experience in Project Management or any related work such as Account Management or Customer Success Management etc are strongly encouraged to apply!

1. Ability to establish priorities and meet deadlines
2. Ability to quickly understand new tools and technologies

3. Ability to maneuver to work around existing technology limitations;
4. Pass typing test with 45 WPM or higher (take test before applying https://typing-speed-test.aoeu.eu/);
5. Must exhibit an attention to detail and accuracy at all times
6. Experience managing multiple projects at the same time
7. Energetic self-starter able to work with minimal supervision
8. Strong communication skills and command on English language

9. Prior experience in similar roles or collaborating closely with a diverse group of people is a strong plus

Key Responsibilities Include:
1. Tracking and planning project scope and delivery
2. Using Task Management tools, Email, Slack and Google Calendar to ensure that projects stay on time
3. Reading, writing and analyzing meeting notes, agendas and determining significance; routing to appropriate personnel.
4. Prepare executive responses to emails and other documents as needed;
5. Track and resolve issues, and discern whether to escalate issues if they present risks to the project.

1. Compensation strongly tied to performance (base + bonus)
2. Healthcare coverage
3. Work with exciting startups and large scale companies alike. In the last 90 days we have worked for the largest hotel group in the world, a world top 50 content & media site and a startup app used by Khan Academy.

How To Apply
Please send us a brief message at careers@marketlytics.com with your CV and intro about your unique experience and what makes you a good fit for the role!

For more info, please visit: www.marketlytics.com

PS. Oh and, once you’ve sent in your CV, check out this blog post where we’ve detailed our entire hiring procedure so you know what to expect when you get called in.

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