How to fix resource not available error in Google Analytics?

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While using google analytics it occurs very oftenly, that you encounter with some errors that restricts from viewing reports. The errors can be of two types, one is the server side error and the other is with your browser. 

Server side errors occur very oftenly when there is a new update on way or any upgrade in an existing feature. While the browser side errors may be because of any add-on or extension that are hindering the analytics work flow. 


Resource not available

If you tried to access real time reports, you would see the following error.

 resource not available google analytics

resource not available google analytics

The above image is a screenshot of resource not available error in google analytics and below are a few ways you can do to fix it.

  1. clear cookies and cache
  2. use another browser or go incognito mode
  3. try reconnecting your internet, reload page or restart browser
  4. Also, try opening analytics in your mobile.

How to fix Internal Error

Sometimes trying to access real-time reports causes the internal error proble. 

 Internal Error

Internal Error

This is another kind of error which users often encounter and have often asked about in analytics community. To resolve this type of error you can do any of the following things and check if it works.

  1. Clear cache & cookies.

  2. Turn off Adblock.

  3. Try relogging to GA account.

Try incognito browsing to see if the fix worked and if this doesn’t help too, well we’d hope somebody is sending the bat signal to GA.

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