How to Pause a Tag in Google Tag Manager

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Google recently rolled out new features in Google Tag Manager. These features include native YouTube and Scroll Tracking triggers and variables. If you have noticed one other hidden feature, that enables you to pause any tag within the current workspace.

Yes, you can pause the tag!

Follow the simple steps below to pause any tag.

  1. Open tags section within your GTM account
  2. Click on the tag that you want to pause.
  3. When it opens, click on the three vertical dots from top right
  4. Click on the pause option

 pause a tag GTM

To unpause this tag, follow the same steps and click on the unpause button.

This is a helpful feature, when you have to pause a certain tag for the sake of testing data. Don’t forget to publish the workspace, whenever you pause or unpause a tag to make the changes live.

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