How to Import Historical Data to Amplitude

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There are two methods for importing historical data into amplitude. The first is a traditional method for all amplitude users and the second is by using the Segment CSV Importer tool. This tool is built on top of Segment, so if you are already using Segment, the setup is even faster.

Importing Historical Data into Amplitude

To import the historical data into Amplitude via segment csv importer, you need to have two things.

  1. Your historical data in a CSV format
  2. Write key(find in your segment account)

Note: Make sure to enable Amplitude integration in Segment before uploading and sending data to Amplitude.

To upload your historical data follow the steps below.

Step 1: Visit Segment CSV Importer

 segment csv importer

Step 2: Enter the write key into the write field

Step 3: Click on the choose button to upload your CSV file containing data.

Once the file is uploaded click on the import button. This will then send the data to Segment from where it will be forwarded to Amplitude.

Your CSV file could have the following fields:

  1. Action
  2. User ID
  3. Anonymous ID (either user id or anon id is required)
  4. Timestamp
  5. Events
  6. Properties

Setting Events & Properties for Amplitude

You can send any information about the user as people properties or track their historic activities. Read this article on how to use the tool for importing data into amplitude. It also has a few sample CSV’s to help you get started quickly.

Once you upload this file to Segment CSV Importer, the data would be seen in amplitude. You might also need to read the instructions to better manage your data.

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