How to Install Google Analytics on Wordpress

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Setting up Google Analytics on a Wordpress site should not be an intimidating process. It’s like adding a few lines of code. I have seen many Wordpress owners getting confused while installing Google Analytics and adding multiple types of plugins and ending up with a messy dashboard and zero results.

In this guide, I will show you how to install Google Analytics on Wordpress site without any plugin within a minute. I am not going into the details of creating a Google Analytics account because it’s simple and you can do by typing in your browser

How to Add Google Analytics Code on Wordpress

I am assuming that you have created a Google Analytics account. Follow the steps below to add Google Analytics code on Wordpress.

Step1: If you don’t know where to find the analytics tracking code, login to your GA account, select the specific property and navigate to admin.

 google analytics admin

Step2: Under property, click on tracking info >> tracking code.

 where to find ga tracking code

Step3: copy the tracking code between the <script></script> tags.

 ga tracking code

Step4: Now, open your Wordpress dashboard and navigate to Appearance >> Editor

 where to add ga tracking code in wordpress

Step5: look for the header.php file and open it.

 on which page to add ga tracking code on wordpress

Step6: Now paste the Google Analytics tracking code just before the </head> tag and hit the update button.

 add google analytics code to wordpress

Step7: Open your website in a new tab and go back to your GA account. Navigate to Real-Time >> Overview. If you have followed the above steps carefully, you will see the number of visitors on your website currently.

 google analytics real time reports

In case you don’t see any real time data, move to the top of this article and re-check if you made any mistake. Otherwise, you can install Google Tag Assistant extension and look for the errors it shows.

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