Facebook Pixel Helper Errors: How to Fix Them Quickly

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Facebook pixel helper is a browser extension that is used to verify Facebook Pixel setup on your website. In this guide, I will show you how to use Facebook pixel helper to preview and debug pixel setup.

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1. How to Install Facebook Pixel Helper

To check your Facebook Pixel setup you first need to install this extension on your browser. If you don’t have installed it yet, click the below button and install on your browser.

Once you install, the Facebook Pixel Helper icon will appear on your browser.

2. How to test Facebook Pixel Installation

After adding Facebook Pixel code on your website, you have to verify that it is working properly. To do this, open your website in a new tab. If the Pixel code is inserted correctly on your website, the Facebook Pixel Helper will automatically detect the code and will display information about your pixel.

 facebook pixel helper

If your pixel helper is displaying information like above, then your Facebook Pixel is working perfectly.

But if you see any error or want to know more about debugging pixel helper problems keep reading this guide.

3. Facebook Pixel Common Errors

There might be multiple types of errors according to your pixel setup. But below are the most common type of errors and ways to resolve them.

Duplicate Pixels Found

The very important thing you need to keep in mind is that if you can have multiple pixels on your website but not multiple similar pixels. Which means if you add the same pixel code multiple times on your site, it will result in duplicate pixels error.

If you are installing Facebook Pixel with Google Tag Manager, you don’t need to add the pixel code on your website. GTM will automatically fire the pixel code on your site.  

Solution: If you are seeing a duplicate pixel error, dig in your website code and make sure you don’t have added the single pixel code on multiple places.

Pixel did not load

This errors shows up when pixel helper detects the pixel code on your website, but the HTTP call was never made.

There are commonly two reasons for this error.

1. Error in your pixel code

Solution: Check your pixel code to make sure you didn’t made a mistake while copying and pasting the code. Compare the code on your site with that on provided on your Facebook account.

2. Pixel fires on dynamic event

Solution: in this case the error will automatically disappear upon clicking on the button.  

Not a Standard Event

This type of error occurs when the event found by pixel helper is not one of the standard events. For example, the event is named AddCart instead of AddToCart. It is recommended to use standard events as much as possible. But if you named that event for a reason you can ignore the error.  

Multiple Times Pixel Activation

This error occurs when the pixel with the same ID and event is sent multiple times to Facebook. This should only occurs once upon page loading and is an error.  

Solution: If you are seeing this error make sure to send the pixel id and event once and upon page loading. If it is sent with different data custom data parameters, those parameters should be merged into single pixel event.

Invalid Pixel ID

This error occurs when the pixel ID you send to Facebook doesn’t match with any ID on their system.

Solution: Check your Facebook ads manager and confirm the pixel ID is not different 

Troubleshooting Suggestions

Pixel helper is not just build to confirm installation and report errors but it can also suggest that something could be changed to improve performance.  

Pixel took too long to load

This error shows up when you place the pixel code somewhere between the body or footer tags. The recommended way is to place the pixel code before the closing </head> tag.


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