How to Build a Facebook Funnel for Ecommerce Stores

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Facebook pixel enables you to measure the success of your Facebook ads and also gives you the ability to track user actions and pageviews. One of the important benefits of using Facebook pixel is, you can create any events funnel easily.

In this guide, I will show you how to create any funnel using Facebook pixel events. For this purpose, let’s take an example of an ecommerce store.

For an ecommerce store, we will install the facebook base pixel code and the other standard events for purchase steps. Following are the necessary standard events for every ecommerce store.

ViewContent Fires when a visitor views a product
AddToCart Fires when a visitor clicks on Add to product
InitiateCheckout Fires when a visitor lands on checkout page
AddPaymentInfo Fires when a visitor adds payment details
Purchase Fires when a visitor lands on the order confirmation page

So there are mostly five steps included in any ecommerce purchase. For each of the steps, we will add the pixel codes on each relevant page. You can add these events very easily with Google Tag Manager on any action.

Once you are done with adding pixel codes, the data will now start flowing into your Facebook ads manager. Our purpose here is to create the purchase funnel. Follow the steps below to add Facebook sales funnel.

Step1: Open your ads manager and go to analytics

 access analytics

Step2: Next select your analytics entity, navigate to funnels and click create funnel.

 create funnel 

Step3: Click on the add funnel step dropdown and select the first funnel step as ViewContent and then add the steps in the order ViewContent >> AddToCart >> InitiateCheckout >> AddPaymenInfo >> Purchase. Click apply to crate the funnel

 facebook pixel purchase funnel

Click on ‘save’ button and enter your funnel name to save.

Once you create a funnel, you can sort it to see the user information(i.e. Age, gender, country, source..)

 sort funnel

This really a very important feature for online marketers and sellers to see the number of people dropping out of the funnel. There can be multiple reasons of a high user drop-off from any step, few of the reasons are listed below:

  1. Your website is taking too long to load
  2. The product information is not displayed properly
  3. The page is not mobile friendly
  4. Product prices are very high as compared to your competitors
  5. Product reviews are not satisfactory.

These reasons can vary from business to business and it’s upto you, how you understand the user behavior and what steps you take to improve the funnel. For more guides like this, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter.

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