How to enable google analytics ecommerce tracking?

How to enable google analytics ecommerce tracking?

Once you build an ecommerce website and started selling products online, the next step is to set up ecommerce tracking. Google Analytics ecommerce tracking is more easier and popular among all ecommerce tools.

You might have already setup google analytics tracking but in order to get ecommerce reports you will have to enable ecommerce tracking feature in analytics.


How to enable ecommerce tracking?

I am considering that you are logged in to your google analytics account and i won’t be explaining here about setting up analytics account.

1. In your analytics account select the right account, property and navigate to admin >> view >> Ecommerce Settings.

ecommerce settings

2. Inside ecommerce settings click the toggle button on to enable ecommerce tracking

enable ecommerce tracking

3. Click next step

4. Skip enhanced ecommerce and click submit, a green success message popup will appear on the top.

5. Done.

So before you enabled ecommerce tracking you were not able to see ecommerce tracking reports in analytics. It says the reports requires ecommerce tracking to be set up for the view

ecommerce tracking not set up

Now after you enabled ecommerce tracking you would be able to see the reports. In order to view ecommerce reports navigate to reporting tab and go to conversions >> ecommerce >> overview. Right now, you will see the reports empty and no data is generated.

In order to view google analytics ecommerce tracking reports, you have to add tracking codes to your ecommerce website. The ecommerce tracking reports will take around 24-48 hours to generate data.

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