MarketLytics specialises in measurement strategy & implementation of analytics solutions for web & mobile platforms.

With over 7 years of experience in the industry we focus on performance driven digital analytics using Google AnalyticsGoogle Tag Manager, Customer Analytics tools [Kissmetrics, Mixpanel] and marketing tool integrations that thrive on data.

We are passionate about illuminating blind alleys and making sure clients get a complete & accountable view of their digital performance. This has often involved deeply thinking & understanding what is truly important for each client to measure & getting creative with tools available to deliver a customized solution suited to business needs.

Ideal clients include entrepreneurs & marketers [hungry to understand users and get a complete picture of performance] as well as consultant & agencies [looking to scale their clients successes to greater heights].

To clients we promise to understand and make your objectives our own, exceptional communication,
hands on support & frank advice [backed by years of experience].


200+ Collaborations including:
To clients we promise to understand and make your objectives our own exceptional communication, hands on support & frank advice [backed by years of experience].

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