Case Study

Enhanced Migration to GA4 for Kindred Bravely: Unlocking Valuable Insights for Growth

Kindred Bravely is an online clothing retailer catering to pregnant and breastfeeding moms.


A holistic view of product performance for informed decision-making.


Improved bundle sales and revenue through enhanced bundle analysis.


Increased operational efficiency by analyzing out-of-stock products.

the challenge

Kindred Bravely sought to transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) in order to take advantage of advanced analytics features. However, they faced limitations with the default GA4 setup, as it did not provide the necessary configurations to view key scorecards, metrics, and performance reports crucial for their business operations.

Specifically, tracking bundles, coupon codes, and out-of-stock items was not available by default, preventing Kindred Bravely from obtaining vital data points for their eCommerce store.

the solution

Our team of experts went beyond the standard capabilities of GA4 and devised a bespoke solution tailored to Kindred Bravely’s needs. By leveraging custom event tracking and analysis on BigQuery, we unlocked valuable insights that were previously hidden.

Our solution involved implementing the following enhancements:
  • Custom event tracking for bundle performance: tracking bundle initiation, add-to-cart events, purchases, overall bundle revenue, and transactions.
  • Tracking out-of-stock products to improve inventory management and operational efficiency.
  • Monitoring coupon codes used to analyze their impact on sales and customer behavior.

the result

At the end of this data restructuring, Builder’s team got access to a comprehensive and up-to-date tracking plan. This was strengthened by standardized naming conventions and company-wide taxonomy to help ensure that the incoming data is standardized and aligned with the company’s goals. We made sure Builder could count on this data by setting up automatic build-time QA and run-time validation. 

400+ eCommerce and SaaS brands are making better, data-driven actions thanks to MarketLytics
400+ eCommerce and SaaS brands are making better, data-driven actions thanks to MarketLytics