How to Track Mailchimp Campaign in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics can not be only used for tracking website visitors but it is also used to track your email campaigns. In this guide, I will walk you through how to track Mailchimp Campaigns in Google Analytics.

Create Your Mailchimp Campaign

Login to your Mailchimp account
Click on campaigns tab and then click “create campaign” button.

 create new campaign mailchimp

Name your email campaign

Select the subscribers list which you want to target

On the setup page, scroll down to see the “Google Analytics Link tracking Checkbox” and check this box
Enter a unique title for the campaign in the title field.

 connect mailchimp with analytics

Fill the rest of the steps and run the campaigns.

View Campaign Reports in Google Analytics

Once you run mailchimp campaign, it’s time to view reports in Google Analytics.
Login to your GA account and navigate to Acquisition >> Campaigns >> All Campaigns

 view campaign analytics

Under the campaigns list you will see the name of your email campaign that you entered in the above step.

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