How to fix Google Analytics login & Loading Error?

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you might face with google analytics temporary errors which either doesn’t allow login or taking too long loading reports. Below I have discussed a solution for a common google analytics error. 

Google analytics login error

Sometimes a temporary error occurs and troubles to log into the analytics account. You can do the below things to fix this

  1. Try using different browser

  2. Try logging in from mobile app to verify if it is working


Clear Cache & cookies

Google analytics uses cookies to store the user information so this can also cause the errors.

  1. Clear cache & cookies and try logging in

  2. Restart your machine

  3. Disconnect your internet for a while


Verify your google account

If you have not verified your google account, follow the instructions to verify and try logging in


Browser Extension may cause this issue

Use google chrome for logging into analytics account and make sure to remove any extensions that have conflicts with analytics(adblock, ublock etc).


General solutions


Google analytics login error is not a permanent error so nothing to worry about and if nothing works for you, ask from the google analytics support team. 


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