How to Add Data Source in Google Data Studio

How to Add Data Source in Google Data Studio

Let's start

A data source provides a way to connect external data with Data Studio. Data Source can be Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Adwords..etc.Below is the list of data sources in Google Data Studio:

  1. File Upload(CSV)
  2. Adwords
  3. Attribution 360
  4. BigQuery
  5. Cloud SQL
  6. DCM
  7. DFP
  8. Google Cloud Storage
  9. Google Analytics
  10. Google Sheets
  11. MySQL
  12. PostgreSQL
  13. Search Console
  14. YouTube Analytics

Let’s add Google Analytics as a data source as an example

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Step1: Open your report in edit mode

 edit report

Step2: Click resource and then manage added data sources

 manage data sources

Step3: Click Add a Data Source

 add a data source

Step4: select Google Analytics from the connectors list

 select google analytics source

Step5: select the specific account, property, view and click connect

 add account

Step6: the next window will contain all the dimensions and metrics from the data set. Click Add to Report button to continue

 add to report

Step7: click on the Add to Report button on the next pop up dialog box

Once you add the data source, you are now ready to create a report. If you are new to Google Data Studio, follow the step by step tutorial to learn Google Data Studio.

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