Maximize Your Marketing Impact with Google Tag Manager

From existing GTM setups to new accounts, our experts handle tag, trigger, and variable setup, rigorously test before deployment, and collaborate on code implementation with your developers.
400+ eCommerce and SaaS brands are taking better data-driven decisions thanks to MarketLytics

What Makes Our Google Tag Manager Expertise Better?

How MarketLytics Can Improve Your Google Tag Manager Experience?

Better Tag Management

MarketLytics streamlines your Google Tag Manager (GTM) experience by offering advanced tag management capabilities. We effortlessly organize and deploy tags with intuitive tools for a smooth and error free implementation process.

Granular Performance Tracking

Experience detailed insights into your website’s performance through MarketLytics’ comprehensive tracking expertise. Gain a granular understanding of user interactions, page views, and conversion events.

Real Time Event Monitoring

MarketLytics facilitates real time monitoring of events within GTM, providing instant visibility into user interactions as they occur. Experience a proactive approach to website optimization and user engagement.

Intelligent Auto Tagging

We automate the tagging of common events, reducing manual efforts and minimizing the risk of errors in your GTM setup. Enjoy a more streamlined workflow and faster implementation of tracking codes.

Cross-Platform Analytics

Whether it’s merging data from e commerce platforms, CRM systems, or other analytics tools, we provide cross platform integration to improve the scope and depth of your insights for a holistic view of your online presence.

Case Studies


Helped an RV marketplace scale profitably after raising $100m


Established conversion tracking for visual production SaaS product


Helped a no-code SaaS product with user segmentation


Funnel attribution of offline sales to marketing channels for an investment advisory service


Optimized funnel completion for construction plans website


Designed funnel, paid media and owned media reports for marketing consultants

We keep all your data connected.

Struggling with Amplitude? Unlock Efficiency with Our Assistance.

Whether you’re facing data overload or wondering how to unleash the full potential of Google Tag Manager, partner with MarketLytics.


We specialize in configuring Google Tag Manager to set up the right tracking parameters for better data collection


Receive actionable insights and recommendations to enhance the relevance of your tracking with our thorough audits.


We provide dedicated assistance in setting up precise tracking for your experiments within Google Tag Manager

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