How to setup Custom Goals in Google Analytics?

Setting up goals in google analytics is the most important step in analysing any online business. Goal measure how well is your site performing according to your target objectives. It is basically a completed activity on your site, it can be a form submission, time duration and pages visit per session. Here is a simple way to set up custom goals in google analytics.

Google Analytics provides four ways to set up custom goals:


You can specify a specific URL for this type of goal. For example, when a user reaches your contactus.html page a goal will be recorded.


A goal will be recorded when a user spends a specific amount of time on your site. For example you can set up a goal when a user spends 2 minutes on your site.


A single goal will be recorded if a user visits a specific number of pages within a single session. You can record a goal when a user visits 3 pages/session.



Event type goals are recorded on completion of certain events on your site. Such as a goal will be recorded when a user sign ups for a form or a goal will be recorded when a user shares your content on social media.

To set up goals go to Admin >> View >> Goals.

Let’s say we want to record a goal when a user spends 3 minutes on our site.

Click the +add goal button

Select custom and click continue

Enter the goal description

Enter name of your goal and select the type as time duration

Next enter the time duration to set for the goal

Finally click save to complete the goal setup. You can switch your goal anytime by turning it off and re-opening when you need to record.

You can setup up to 20 goals per reporting view.

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