We’re Welcoming Interns!

We’re Welcoming Interns!

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Hi! We’re welcoming Data & Development Interns at Markelytics!

MarketLytics is a Google Analytics Certified partner company. We work with some of the coolest businesses out there (you’ve probably visited at least a couple of them over the past year, and we’re talking hotels, mobile apps, maybe even your favorite news & beauty brands to name a few.)

If you’re into data and would love to get some incredible hands-on training in data engineering and analysis, we think you’d be an awesome fit for our internship program.

Program Details

Our internship program is a 2.5 month-long, intensive training opportunity, based in our Karachi office. We make sure that interns are fully embedded in teams and encouraged to independently execute solutions supported by experienced mentors. The key areas we focus on are:

– Hands-on training on how to plan and instrument data pipelines

– Analysis of data using R & communicating findings

– Identifying and executing on opportunities to improve a team’s workflow using data & programming

And just so you can get a feel of the kind of work experience you can expect here, here are a few of the things our interns did last year:

Kaptaan in The Light of Data: Exploratory and Sentiment Analysis Part 1 Part 2

Politycs – Political Analysis

Digging Deep into The Election Results of 2018

This is a paid internship opportunity and a stipend will be given to selected interns.

What we’re looking for in you!

Now, being really into the data scene is good enough to qualify to apply for our internship program, but here’s just a couple of things that would count as a really strong plus.

– Beginner experience in working with either of R, Python, NodeJS

– Experience with Javascript, AngularJS, React

– Interest in learning about data analysis driven by Stats andML

How to Apply

Send us a brief message over at careers@marketlytics.com along with your CV and an introduction of your unique experience and what makes you a good fit for the role.

For more information, please visit: www.marketlytics.com

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