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Hi! Thinking about applying for a job at MarketLytics? This series of short posts will tell you everything you need to know about our 5-step hiring process, step by step.

Step 1. The Application

So you think you’re a good fit for us? The application procedure is easy. All you have to do is send us your CV and cover letter at And just like that, the first step is done with.

For further help with this step, some quick tips for your resumes are listed in the following.

  • Tell us why you’re a good fit

If you are mentioning past job experience, focus more on you accomplishments or what you did in your job instead of what your job was.

  • We don’t really care about degrees

One thing to keep in mind, is that we always prefer action more than degrees. So as long as you fit in with the nature of work here, you’re most welcome to apply!

  • One-Pagers

Try to make it all fit a single page.

  • Tidy Templates

Make sure you use a neat and tidy template and clear font to create your resume.

Step 2: The Review

Once you’ve sent in your CV, the next step is to just hold on and wait while our team reviews your application. Since we’re in hyper-growth right now, it’s important to understand that this step can take upto two to three weeks. Listed in the following are the things we look for.

  • Relevant skills (or openness to learn)

  • Relevant experience

  • Academic and professional exposure

Step 3: The Interview

This is the most important step of all. Once we have reviewed your application, we’ll call you in for an interview if we feel that you’d be a good fit for our team. We’re fortunate that a lot of talented individuals want to be a part of our team, but this also means that we are mostly only able to follow up with the ones who closely match what we are looking for. If you don’t get a call, please don’t be disheartened, it only means that you might be a great fit for another prestigious organization, instead of us, and we wish you our best.

If you get a call from us, here’s a piece of advice, the interview can take upto 3 hours, so make sure you prepare well, have a good breakfast, and show up.

Your interview day will consist of two main stages.

The Prep Stage and the Interview Stage.

The Prep Stage

The first step of the interview comprises of reading through material that we’d give you and see how much of it you understand. In case something doesn’t make sense, you’re allowed to search the internet. This step also consists of a few open ended questions about yourself, just to gauge your vision and career plans.

The Interview Stage.

Next, is the actual interview round where your understanding of the material provided to you will be tested. The questions asked will probe your knowledge for deeper understanding, in a scenario based context.

Example Question

If channel X equally assists and initiates in conversions, what would it’s last interaction conversion be?

The questions will range from a difficulty level 0 to a full 10. You might be asked to comment on a certain concept, recognize flaws in things and even suggest something better. This is only so we can get a handle of the level and nature of work you’d be fit for, so don’t be nervous, when you get asked difficult things. Another thing to keep in mind is that we are interested in reasoning and how you arrive at a conclusion, more so, your thought process. We encourage asking questions of your interviewer, and asking them to clarify if there’s a question you don’t understand. We prefer interview sessions to be more of a discussion than a round of rapid fire.

Example Question

In analytics reports, we sometimes get a lot of spam data. How would you deal with this issue?

Step 4: In office work assignment

If you clear the interview round, you’ve officially entered phase 2 of our hiring process. A big congratulations from the ML team!

The in-office round would simply require you to show up at office and complete a list of tasks assigned to you. You will be given a week before your scheduled dates, to prepare yourself, with the help of a collection of the most relevant study material and tutorials that will be provided to you via email.

The goal for the in-office assignment is to show you how we work, what work we do, and give you a chance to decide if this would be a good fit for you.

I’ll take a minute again to remind you to not get tensed if there’s a term you don’t understand or a formula you forgot. You’re free to take help from the internet whenever you want. That being said, Good Luck with the assignment!

Step 5: The Final Interview

At the end of your office assignment, comes the final interview. This interview is to mainly discuss the position and work we think you’re best fit for. Keep it mind, that sometimes, it may be slightly different from the position you applied for. This is because we believe strongly that the happiest employees, are the ones whose work compliments their talents, and our rigorous hiring procedure, helps us greatly in determining your strongest areas.

Once you’re through with the interview, you’re in. Welcome to Team MarketLytics!

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