How to regain access to your Google Analytics Account

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If you are unable to log in to your Google Analytics account, one of these could be the issue you’re looking at.

You don’t know if you’re using the right email address: Follow these guidelines.

  1. You don’t know if you’re typing in the correct password:  Google Analytics uses the same password as your Google account. If you missed it simply hit Forgot password? to quickly reset it.

  2. You’re absolute, positively sure that you’re using the correct email address and password but you still seem to be locked out of your Google Analytics: Don’t despair! Contact the administrator of the Analytics account (you must have Manage Users permission) and make sure you have access, if not ask them to give you access.

  3. You have any of the following administrative issues:

  • You can’t discover an Analytics administrator.

  • The Analytics administrator has left the organization.

  • You’ve lost administrative access.

  • You need to update your access.

To verify your ownership of an account, 3 basic steps need to be taken :

  1. Prove that you own or control the website associated with the google account,

  2. Fill a form to contact a Google representative,

  3. Wait for the answer and give additional information.

STEP 1: Verify Ownership of the Site

  • {INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS} – the email you want to give the “Manage Users and Edit” permission.

  • {INSERT DATE} – the date you create the file

  • {INSERT UA-ID} – your tracking code number. Should look like this UA-000000. To Track your tracking code number. Use this  chrome extension

  • Add the analytics.txt file to your site on the top level and with “read” permission so it can be accessed like this

  • After you have uploaded the file, make sure that it is available by going to

STEP 2: Fill the “Troubleshooter contact form”

  • So once you have the analytics.txt file set up, go ahead and fill this form.

STEP 3: Sit tight for a  reaction from Google and give additional information if required.

Even though the file you uploaded and the form accelerates the procedure considerably, it isn’t robotized. A Google representative will contact you for the most part within 24 hours.

In the event that there is any information missing from the form, the representative will put forth a couple of inquiries. If not, they will attempt to contact the current Analytics administrator.


On the off chance that you can’t access your Google Analytics property either in light of the fact that the individual in control left the company, another person made the account and didn’t give you access, or just on the grounds that you don’t recollect which email you utilized, don’t freeze, as long as you deal with the website related with the account you can recover the account with a touch of assistance from Google.

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