How to Delete any Account in Google Analytics?

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Google analytics allows multiple user access to the same account, so you can share your account with someone else or some other person can share with you.

How to delete any google analytics account?

Step#1: Remove analytics tracking code from all pages of your site or app.

Step#2: login to analytics account

Step#3:  Click on the admin tab

Step#4: In the account column, select the specific account from the dropdown menu.

Step#5: Click Account Settings from the account column

Step#6: Click Move account to Trash Can


How to Delete Yourself From a shared Analytics Account

Step#1: Sign in to analytics account

Step#2: Select the admin tab

Step#3: In the Account Column, select the specific account from the dropdown menu.

Step#4: Navigate to User Management (Account >> user management)

Step#5: Click on Remove Myself From This Account


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