How to Show Behavior Flow for Specific Page in Google Analytics

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Behavior flow in Google Analytics displays a visual overview of how user navigate your site. It gives you an overall journey the users take on your site. In this guide, I will show you how to show behavior flow for a specific page in Google Analytics.

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Follow the steps below to view how users navigate from a specific page.

Step 1: login to your Google Analytics account and select the appropriate property and view.

Step 2: Navigate to Behavior >> Behavior Flow

 access behavior flow

Step 3: Next to the landing page drop down is a gear icon, click on it.

 click settings icon

Step 4: click on add an item link

 click add an item link

Step 5: in the expression field enter the url of the specific page.

 add the page url

Step 6: click on the apply button to see the changes

Finally, you would be able to see how users navigate across the site from the specific page.

 end result behavior flow for specific page

If you find this guide helpful, you can learn more about your visitor’s journey by learning how to read the behavior flow reports.


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