Enhanced Ecommerce & Google Tag Manager for truly data driven Marketing & Performance Measurement - Zarpo



Zarpo is the fastest growing over the air travel provider in South America. It uses a membership driven limited time deal model. To get members the best destinations & travel plans at deep discounts.

An innovative site with unique model
Their unique model meant, the site behaved more like a subscription site, with members signing up and then much later actually converting.  Each deal on the other had is also unique and only offered once for short window of time. This made traditional approaches to ecommerce analysis less effective. 

They came to us after already deploying Google Tag Manager once but due to slow upkeep a lot of cruft had gathered and the implementation was struggling under its own weight unable to measure more than basic pageviews and ecommerce.

Figuring out a plan to get the right data
Over a 1 week period our Measurement Strategist brainstormed with Zarpo's founders to understand their view of the business and completed detailed audits of site to tease out key things that needed to be measured. This resulted in a performance that mapped activities to measure, the segments for whom they should be measured and key areas to track.

There was a lot of lag between signup and purchase as users browsed the site frequently and only pounced infrequently when something clicked.

It was decided to look at key attributes of deals and aggregate performance using them to allow for easy identification of trends. 

Understanding Deal Trends using Enhanced Ecommerce
As zarpo offers 100s of new deals every month this allowed us not only to segment based on interests and user profiles but also better analyze demand for certain types of deals. Enhanced Ecommerce along with a host of custom dimensions were used to granularly track interaction with each deal from the very first time its viewed to the final purchase. Along with time to complete key activities.

Understanding Original Sources of Acquisition using Google Analytics User-id
Zarpo is also only accessible to members but allows guest browsing; with testing we found a lot of guest users were coming from emails and leaving without logging in leaving gaps in user tracking and traffic source attribution.  We decided to implement Google Analytics User-id feature to effectively track the user. 

To effectively measure them anonymized key was added in marketing emails being sent so user so when they landed their site behaviour could tied together using the user-id.

This combined with measurement of original source of traffic made it quite easy to tie back performance of user's to original campaigns that led them to the site and attribute performance properly.

Using Google Tag Manager to enable turnkey Data Driven Marketing
From the start all data collection was structured in google tag manager with special to keeping key points of activities tracked and easily reusable, this provided opportunity for truly personalising remarketing campaigns. Using data about engagement of user with deals, their average time to convert and lifetime value truly targeted marketing efforts could be undertaken.

Thanks to a GTM's reusable structure time to deploy new tags was reduced from 2 business days down to 2 hours.

Scaling data collection for Analytics & Performance Marketing
This grew out to be an interesting large scale project where we ended completely restructuring the digital analytics setup to fully use google tag manager and collect useful data at each step of user journey using Enhanced Ecommerce tracking coupled with User-id to tie activity together across sessions and devices.

We also leveraged the reusability of GTM extensively allowing the team to quickly try new marketing approaches like dynamic remarketing and granular retargeting via facebook & half a dozen other advertising platforms quickly.