Contribution: Measurement Strategy, Analytics Implementation, Google Tag Manager Configuration

Lingoo facilitates Language exchange and homestays for children and teenagers organised between families.

Keeping Marketing Tracking Consistent:
Being a company meant to connect speakers of multiple languages lingoo built an infrastructure of language specific site one for each language spoken in europe for a total of 50+. These sites than fed into the main platform where the actual app resided. Keeping marketing code consistent on this constellation of sites while giving flexibility of individual personalization was a pain we decided to solve by implementing GTM to manage all of them centrally and keep tracking codes documented.

Understanding Acquisition & Conversion
Since this was a purpose built site for student exchange, traditional ecommerce or leadgen tracking needed to be adapted accordingly.On the main app we shortlisted a variety of kpi from registration to language exchange requests and time between these activities, all of these actions sent data to GTM where we used a mix of language and event specific rules to do analytics reporting, remarketing and conversion tracking.

We were able to use this understanding to not only understand seasonality in different countries but also time to conversion and suitable actions in various countries. Using this to engage with prospective users at relevant time and remind them of various offers at appropriate times.