cell phone repair

cell phone repair

Contribution: Measurement Strategy, Tag Management, Analytics Technical Implementation

CPR provides reliable repair services for iphone, ipad, smartphone, game console all around USA and Canada. They use a franchise model with location independently managed by different franchisees.

As each franchisee is an independent business owner they need analytics data to measure their store’s performance while the parent company wanted to keep track of performance for all locations.

Keeping 100+ microsites on same page using Google Tag Manager
With over 100 locations it was essential that the setup up be scalable and manageable. We decided to use universal analytics (at the time in public beta) and google tag manager to accomplish this.

The parent company wanted to track performance for each franchise, it was crucial to see where enquiries were coming from and where more outreach effort was needed. We used custom dimensions and custom metrics to track key heuristics like location of franchise, call to action clicks and enquiries.

In the end creating centralized reporting to organize this data in one place. This data collection effort heavily leveraged Tag Manager for collecting analytics data and for driving a data driven ppc and re-engagement campaign.

Letting Franchisees safely collect their data
Further more to allow franchisee to add their own tracking id a custom plugin was added in the management backend. Once added it resulted in publishing the tracking id into that allowed GTM to send data to their independent tracking id.