Teamwork Connector for Data Studio

Teamwork Connector for Data Studio

Pull your teamwork data directly into Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a FREE reporting tool that turns your data into informative, easy to read and easy to share reports. Teamwork data connector is FREE to use for all teams that are using Teamwork for project management.

teamwork template

You will be able to create your own visual report or tweak our pre-built template to fulfill your requirements. This connector brings Teamwork time entries data into Data Studio to help you view the number of hours logged by each member or the overall team. 

Use our Teamwork Data Studio Connector to:

  1. Create custom visual report for your team performance

  2. View all your team’s data in a single report

  3. Filter report by task, member or company name

  4. Select custom date range

  5. View report in real time


Terms of Use

This data connector is under continuous development and shall be used with care. MarketLytics does not take any responsibility for using, misusing or abusing this software either in development, testing, staging or production environments; nor for any negative effect may incur due to the malfunction of this software.

Privacy Policy

Teamwork connector only pulls data to Data Studio and your data will be not stored anywhere or it will be shared with anyone. By using this connector, you will be responsible to manage your Data Studio report and your Teamwork API key. 

Curious? Connect your Teamwork account to Data Studio using our Teamwork Connector by going to Data Studio community connectors gallery.