Segment CSV Importer - Guide

Segment CSV Importer - Guide

Segment CSV Importer is a powerful tool to import all your data into Segment and distribute to multiple integrations. To use this tool, you must have your data in a CSV format and the write key of your Segment account.

Follow the steps below to use this tool to import your data into segment account.

Step1: Go to

Step2: From your Segment account, copy the write key and paste into the write key field.

write key segment

Step3: Click on the choose file button and locate your .CSV file to import

choose a csv file 


Once you choose your file, it will display the top three records from your CSV file.

data to import 

Step4: Click on the Import button.

import csv file


If everything is ok, a pop up message will appear displaying “Data Sent”.

To read more about the CSV file specifications, click here.