Digital Measurement Strategy

Measurement Strategy & Audit  by MarketLytics provides the groundwork for an effective performance tracking framework to make sure you are not only measuring the right things but also doing so correctly. 

During this stage we

  • collaborate with client and business user to understand the business, reasons & goals for measurement
  • understand your business model & complete indepth audits of digital properties [websites, mobile apps]
  • complete audit of digital data being collected and analytics tools in use [if any]

Resulting in:

  • A plan for measurement focusing on what to measure, more critically why.
  • Incase of issues with analytics data or tools also includes a list of prioritized recommendations for fixes and improvements

Although in our experience Google Analytics is the best tool in 90% of the cases we prefer to be tool agnostic and evaluate tools based on needs of the  measurement plan independently before recommending the right tool.

This is the first step for all our implementation projects using Google Analytics and/or User Analytics tools.