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Our Expertise

Conversion Attribution

Optimize your attribution model and identify effective conversion channels and strategies.

Funnel Optimization​

Maximize conversions by analyzing user behaviour and identifying areas for improvement in your sales funnel.

Data Storytelling

Transform complex data into compelling stories that engage your audience and drive decision-making with our data visualization and reporting services.

Customer Data Warehousing

Consolidate all customer data into a unified platform to gain a comprehensive understanding of each user. This integration reveals underlying patterns driving sustainable growth.

Measurement Tracking​

Gain insights into the impact of your marketing campaigns and website performance with our measurement tracking services, which help you define KPI’s and drive optimization.

Audit & Analytics Strategy​

Improve your analytics capabilities with our audit services that assess data quality and establish clear objectives and KPI’s for a data-driven strategy to drive business growth.

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Our Methodology

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“Understanding customer journey and being able to map it is one of the greatest insights we’ve got from MarketLytics.”
Luke Harrison
Director of Digital Marketing,
Marketing, HVMN
“Marketlytics built us a lot of custom metrics that we otherwise were not able to find.”
Cherie McCabe
eCommerce Manager
Kindred Bravely
“What I like about Marketlytics is that their plan is specific for us and not generic.”
Sujan Patel
“Hussain (from Marketlytics) has worked with our agency for several years and is an expert in the field of analytics and conversion tracking. MarketLytics has helped with very complex issues innumerable times and we are so glad to have them available to support us “
Sarah Edwards
Chief Operating Officer
OMG Commerce
"I am confident that we have the right partner for BigQuery, Google Data Studio and Business Intelligence in general."
Simcha Kackley
Founder & CEO

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