Digital Analytics Services

MarektLytics is an independent digital analytics consultancy. Our consultants work closely with you to address why it’s important to track certain aspects of your business, which ones to focus on, and how to implement measurement tracking to get the most accurate and useful results.  

Our team has acquired significant expertise over the last seven years through the use of  dominant analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, and Mixpanel. To make adding and managing new marketing tools simple we also heavily rely on Google Tag Manager, Segment.

We Excel At

Measurement Strategy & Planning

In this initial phase of all our new engagements, we interview our clients so we can better  understand their needs, audit their digital assets [websites & mobile apps], and design a strategy and implementation plan for measurement. Learn more about our measurement process →

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the apple of our eye and the tool of choice for 80% of our engagements. Its simplicity and extensibility make it a powerful ally in accessing the right insights quickly. We focus on the entire spectrum from data collection to reporting and custom solution. Here are the full list of services →

Google Tag Manager

In the modern age of quickly changing dynamic sites and multiple advertising vendors keeping track of user behavior, making sure the right information flows consistently to the right place is a precursor to success or failure.

Google Tag Manager helps by collecting user data and making sures it’s sent everywhere its needs to be. And GTM is not just for Google Analytics. We have been working with GTM for as long as its been publicly available. Full list of capabilities. →

User level Analytics

Unfortunately, Google Analytics is a bit limited when it comes to tracking a user over long sales cycles. [Though this is changing, the system is still not quite there.] In our quest to use the best tool for each client, we have worked extensively with Mixpanel & Kissmetrics completing over 40 implementation on mobile & web apps using the tools. All details about adventures here→

Advertising Data Integration

Once a solid Tag Manager base is in place, a lot of data driven marketing initiatives become very easy to set up. Whether you want to perform conversion tracking or dynamic remarketing, we leverage GTM to get the relevant data to every platform that needs it quickly & reliably.  See how we make this happen →