utm.io URL shortener with Google Analytics UTM tags

URL shorteners are a necessity but if you are a digital marketer and want detailed data about traffic from different social networks you are out of luck. You can either get a big clump marked bit.ly / referral and visit bit.ly for stats OR  you have to tediously create separate utm tags for each social network and then shorten them. This was proving a major barrier in clients adopting proper tagging and I had been thinking of a cleaner way to do this for awhile when I recently clicked through on a blogpost by Avinash from google plus. The first thing I noticed was he had added utm  parameters (ofc he did :D) but on closer look it was tagged ?utm_source=social-media&utm_medium=twitterfbgp  wouldnt it be useful if  we knew the exact social network? (granular the better as I always say) and that too without overhead of creating multiple short urls.

We took a crack at it and created utm.io. A url shortener that auto tags urls with utm params. Not only that but it updates utm_source to actual traffic source sending visitors. Now you can create one link share on all social networks and then see how much traffic g+ sent vs twitter without any additional work all within the standard GA traffic sources report.

To get started visit https://utm.io/  enter url to shorten and click UTM Tags.

utm.io enable google analytics

utm.io enable google analytics

ps. utm_source is set automatically. You can customize the utm values if you want. Or just hit Shorten. Happy measuring!!

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