Analytics Audits & Roadmaps

Leverage our digital data readiness framework combined with our years of experience in countless verticals to uncover flaws in your current implementation. Our expert team will then forge a roadmap to crystal-clear data for you and your team.

Analytics Implementation & Tagging

Whether you need a quick advanced tracking set-up or a partner to consult with on tagging, goals, and objectives, we’re here to help. We have experience working behind the scenes or live-action representing agencies on RFP interviews as a trusted partner.

Ongoing support

Our team have pioneered innovative data testing and QA processes that prevent major analytics mishaps from happening. Never launch another campaign with your fingers crossed hoping your goals fire accurately. MarketLytics can solve any issue your facing in the User Analytics arena, we’re ready and waiting to crush issues, troubleshoot complicated concerns, and overcome technical problems in a jiffy.

Analytics Strategy & Requirements Definition

Analytics Strategy starts with aligning business goals to analytics kpi, then defining the components of the Data Collection Strategy (the measurement & storage of data), and finally Data Activation (the visualization & analysis of data).


Get the right data, to the right person, at the right time. Based on the Analytics Strategy & Requirements Definition, we can build dashboards that generate insights - for executives, clients, or highly technical resources.

Data Activation

Utilize the pure and clean clickstream data we’ve worked together to build by leveraging our Machine Learning experts to extract insights at scale. From forecasting product success (customer <> Offer Fit) to behavior driven lead scoring we can Activate your Data to drive incredible insights for you and your clients.


  • “ We were looking for a go to partner for helping our clients accomplish their analytics and data science needs. Our search ended when we found MarketLytics. They’re smart, resourceful and responsive. Hussain is articulate and thoughtful and quickly builds trust with our clients.”

  • “ StatBid is performance-marketing agency for e-commerce retailers and brands and we've partnered with the team at Marketlytics since we started our company 4 years ago. Many of our clients have challenges with the integrity of their underlying data whether a conversion tracking pixel simply wasn't setup correctly or they need help configuring a robust data layer for their site. The team at Marketlytics is exceptionally competent, provides an excellent value and are easy to work with. I highly recommend Marketlytics if you are looking for an analytics partner.”

  • “ One of the biggest challenges we face when working on client accounts is around tracking & analytics. Often misconfigured, sometimes duplicated and often missing key components - it makes it almost impossible to do our job well without being fixed. When I found myself spending more time resolving tracking codes than doing the work I was a specialist in I reached out to MarketLytics.

    MarketLytics know what they are doing. They have hands-on experience, are skilled and work efficiently and cost-effectively. I'm delighted with our partnership and looking forward to doing more and more work together. They have saved us both a lot of time, energy and money. Thank you”

Case Study

Scaling Marketing Data for High Growth

South America’s fastest growing online travel agent

- Using GTM to standardize deployment of new marketing initiatives

- New tag deployment within 2 days down from 16 days

- Code changes for new tags 1 in 25 from 1 in 3

- Currently live with 12 ad vendors and testing 4 more

- 0 code updates in last 12 months

Case Study

Helping a Growing Agency Launch Client Campaigns Quickly

US 5000 Agency finds a way to onboard clients quickly

- Midsized agency experiencing 100% yearly growth

- Account Management team backlogged with new client on-boarding

- 80% of new clients lack conversion and analytics to reliably measure performance

- MarketLytics helped build a 5 step data & insight onboarding process

- Helped cut client analytics setup on average from 21 to 9 days

-Partnered closely with AM team to get requirements during kick of

- Proactive audit and monitoring cutting data quality issues significantly

- At peak, Audit and Validate 20 accounts within in 1 month


Who is Marketlytics?

MarketLytics believes that using user-data is the most powerful force a company can use to enable growth. That is why we have built our company to focus on measuring, understanding and activating this data for our customers. We work across the entire data lifecycle starting with defining the problem we are trying to solve, why & what data is needed, how to collect and use it for highest impact.

Established in 2010 we have been a key partner in large scale implementations of digital data driven solutions for collaborators in North America and APAC. With over 400 successful engagements. We currently provide ongoing advisory & support for digital assets generating 40M+ uniques, ~1M USD in paid advertising spend every month.




Ready to take your business to the next level?

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