Destination Lightning Case Study

The Challenge:

Destination Lightning

Industry: Ecommerce
Location: United States
Platform: Magento

Destination Lightning is a mid sized ecommerce store with a extensive range of lighting products and electrical hardware.

I've worked with Hussain for a couple of years now and can't speak highly enough about his work. Hussain is hard working, responsive and manages expectations very well. He is more of a partner to our work then a service provider that just does what you ask. He challenges the underlying assumptions to make sure we are tracking toward our business goals.

Shilo Jones, VP

Destination Lightning thought they were doing great marketing but were not quite able to understand how users used the site and what campaigns and marketing channels drove the best ROI. Regardless of their marketing efforts, they were also losing a bulk of traffic before people got to checkout.


Our Approach:

We completed a site audit and spent time hearing out marketing team goals and gripes about data. Based on feedback we built a prioritized list of recommendations on what needed to be fixed and identified gaps in data.

We ended up using google analytics enhanced ecommerce tracking to effectively measure performance at each step of the funnel and tie conversion rates to individual products.

During the data quality audit we also discovered cases where transactions were not tracked, this was promptly resolved by sharing code instructions with the destination developers

As an added bonus during the implementation we centralized all marketing tags and migrated them to Google Tag Manager making it easy for them to add new tags and add additional pixels.



After the setup client was able to very quickly understand what channels drove performance, and which campaigns were most relevant for various product lines. As an added with the critical data issues fixed they were able to use advanced attribution to see how different types of channels fit together.