MarketLytics sponsored MeasureCamp Baku 2022

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Saturday, November 15th, 2022: MarketLytics participated as a Silver Sponsor for the inaugural MeasureCamp in Baku. It was a one-day event where in an unconference format where speakers and agenda were decided at the start of the day. 

Participants could choose which sessions they would like to attend which can either be presentations, workshops, or even discussions. The aim was to bring together the Digital Analytics community and share ideas, discuss issues and discover upcoming opportunities in the field. 

Our senior data consultants, Haris Khan and Omair Shaikh were among the speakers at the event. Haris spoke about “How to track your website activity” and Omair followed it up with a workshop on “Promising segments in 5 minutes”. 

Other prevailing discussions and sessions initiated dialogues on trending topics like Mobile Analytics, Data Privacy, GA4 toolbox, and Real-time Marketing Attribution.

In pictures:

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