6 Google Analytics Goals, Segments & Dashboards for Shopify

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In our last article, we talked about how to configure Google Analytics for shopify and promised to share something useful in the upcoming post. Today we are giving away 3 most popular pre-built goals and dashboards for Shopify which you can easily import to your analytics account.

These are ecommerce reports for displaying data about your top performing products, sales by region, ecommerce conversion rate, revenue by country and much more. All you need to do is to import these reports into your specific analytics property and if you are not aware of doing that, follow the steps below:


Why Should I Add Widgets?

Google Analytics dashboards are a collection of widgets which are quicker to access and easy to visualize data. Analytics allows adding up to 20 dashboards with 12 widgets for each view/property.

Adding widgets to your dashboard is more helpful in a sense that you can customize it and view reports according to your choice. It allows you to add timeline, metrics, geo map, tables, pie and bars.  

 add widget google analytics

add widget google analytics

You can view reports the way you want and can edit widgets within the imported dashboards.


How to import dashboards/goals into google analytics?

Step#1: Click on the template link provided to you or import from the analytics solution gallery.

Step#2: if you click on the template link, dashboard configuration setup will be displayed.

 import dashboard google analytics

import dashboard google analytics

Step#3: Next, select the specific view to import the data and click create.

Step#4: The data you just imported will be displayed in the dashboard under the reporting tab.

 enhanced ecommerce tracking google analytics


Adding Custom Segments

The benefit of adding segment is that you can use it with every report. Below are a few of the best segments you could build for your shopify analytics. To add a segment navigate to admin >> Segments >> +New Segment.


People who viewed a product

To create a segment for the product views only, from your reporting tab navigate to conversions >> Ecommerce >> Shopping Analysis >> Shopping Behavior.

From the reports, click on the sessions with product view step.

 sessions with product views

sessions with product views

Click to create new segment, select any view and click create segment.

people who visited checkout but did not purchase

To view the sessions in which user viewed the checkout page but didn’t purchase, you would have to follow the same steps above but you have to click on the ‘sessions with checkout’ step and then create segment.

 check-out abandonment

check-out abandonment

People who have bought more than 100$

Create a conditional segment for users with revenue greater than $100.

 revenue greater than 100

revenue greater than 100


Pre-built Google Analytics Dashboard for Shopify

Inside your analytics dashboard you keep the most valuable and frequently viewed reports. This is very helpful when you don’t have enough time to go through the overall reports and just want to view the top performing products and campaigns. The second useful thing about dashboard is you can set up automatic email and get them in your inbox every week.

You can either create your own dashboard or import from the solution gallery or shared asset. Below are the two most popular dashboards for shopify that we have created for our customers. Follow the above steps to get them in your dashboard.

Ecommerce Dashboard

 google analytics ecommerce dashboard for shopify

google analytics ecommerce dashboard for shopify


Enhanced Ecommerce Dashboard

 google analytics enhanced ecommerce dashboard

google analytics enhanced ecommerce dashboard


Google Analytics Goals for Shopify

Setting up goals is one of the complicated missions for every user in google analytics and needs much understanding and practice especially when it comes to ecommerce sites. Below is one of the best example for you to simply import without any hassle.

Set up goal on product purchase

 ecommerce goal funnel

ecommerce goal funnel


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