Top 24 Google Analytics Blogs to Follow in 2017

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Whether you are an analytics expert or a struggling newbie, there is always room to improve your skills. Nobody is born an expert!

I have been working with, and writing about google analytics and google tag manager since the past year.

During this short period of time, I have come across  many blogs about web analytics and digital marketing. As I gained familiarity with the subject, my focus evolved to learn more about Google Analytics along with content writing.

With continuous reading and practice, I grew from an ordinary blogger to a writer with google analytics certification in just 6 months.

According to me, learning shouldn’t be considered as something you ‘have’ to do, to get through your day and complete an assigned task at your job. Learning should be more like a part of the process you need to undergo for your overall growth.

In the past few years, Google analytics has earned much recognition quite rapidly  and due to this immense popularity, everyone in the blogging industry is talking about it. But there are only a few blogs which publish content about google analytics on a regular basis.

You can learn a specific topic from multiple resources at a single place

Below is a list of google analytics blogs everyone in the web analytics industry should follow. The list includes both old and new blogs that are specific to google analytics.

P.S: The list below is sorted alphabetically, so do not fret if you find your blog at a certain number.

1). Analytics Talk

Who doesn’t know about Justin Cutroni? I am sure every one of you will raise your hand. He is an analytics advocate at Google and is the author of three well-acclaimed books – Google Analytics, Performance Marketing with Google Analytics and Google Analytics Short Cut.

He is also the founder of analytics talk and his articles are  commendable, deep and actionable. He also speaks frequently about Google Analytics and Digital Analytics.

He doesn’t publish content regularly but when he does, he has some pro insights to offer. Though this blog hasn’t been updated. Since 2015 but his blog contains very helpful resources, especially for beginners.

He focuses more on Google and digital analytics for business. Everyone working in the field of web analytics can benefit from his blog.  

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2). Analytics Ninja

Yehoshua Coren is the man behind analytics ninja. He is the master of both google analytics implementation and analysis as his primary area of expertise is web analytics.

He doesn’t write consistently but his blog posts are very in-depth and actionable. He focuses on Google Analytics and his blog posts vary from intermediate to expert level.

Good Read: Real Time on Page in Google Analytics


3). Annielytics

Annie Cushing is the founder of Annielytics and she loves data. She produces practical and worthwhile google analytics resources for businesses with limited resources.

She shares everything she does and her blog contains ample free resources for online marketers and business owners. Her blog contains actionable tips related to google analytics, excel and data visualization.

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4). Analytics Pros

Founded by Caleb Whitmore, they help brands use the data they can trust to understand their customers and grow their business.

They keep their blog up to date with fresh and quality content. They mostly post about google analytics, SEO, digital strategy and others. They also have some case studies and helpful resources you can benefit from.

Good Read: Google Analytics Session Quality: How to Make the Most of Your Traffic


5). Blastam – Analytics & Digital Marketing

Blast Analytics and Marketing blog focus on google analytics, SEO, and online Marketing. Their blog is a good resource for google analytics tips and some handy guides for critical problems.

Good Read: Prevent Data Loss When Using Google Analytics Remarketing Tag


6). Cardinal Path

The most frequently updated analytics blog on the internet. They blog is filled with tips, tutorials and in-depth analysis of the latest digital marketing tools. Mostly blog about google analytics, SEO, online marketing and testing.

Good Read: Getting Started with Career in Analytics


7). Click Insight

Is a leading specialist in online marketing optimization and helping marketers and entrepreneurs. Their blog contains an ample amount of detailed articles related to Google Analytics.

They don’t really focus on very basics so anyone with an intermediate level of google analytics can benefit from this blog.

Good Read: What Happened to the Google Analytics Home Tab


8). CoolaData

Co-Founded by Guy Greenberg, the emerging web analytics wiki on the web. They focus on behavioral analysis, data visualization and data integrations.

They have hand-picked thousands of resources covering all aspects of web analytics. You can learn a specific topic from multiple resources at a single place.

Good Read: Web Analytics & BI Wiki


9). E-Nor

E-nor covers all the aspects of digital analytics and marketing optimization. They help the popular brands like Linkedin and eBay in implementation of data analytics.

Their team is considered as the hub of  world class digital gurus and they publish quality content related to the world of web analytics. They also have ebooks and online training resources you can use to learn  from.

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10). Google Analytics Blog

Of course, the official GA blog had to make it to the list. Needing no further introduction, the documentations, tutorials and blogs posted on this domain are by far the most reliable, authentic and simple. . If you want to stay ahead and up to date with new changes, this blog is a must-follow.

They publish case studies and insights that are unique and delivers deep knowledge. They mainly focus on google analytics.


11). Jeffalytics

Jeff Sauce is the man behind Jeffalytics. He thinks he is a born problem solver and named his blog as “Depth of Knowledge”.

He doesn’t usually post about google analytics but his blog is filled with digital marketing practices. You should follow his blog if you want to master digital analytics.

Good Read: Are You Flying Blind With Google Analytics Goals


12). Kissmetrics

Co-founded by Neil Patel, has grown tremendously since beginning. It covers a wide range of digital marketing tactics. The blog posts consist of extensive  starter guides on all aspects of digital analytics.

Good Read: What Analytics Software is Hiding From You


13). Loves Data

Benjamin Mangold, the founder of Loves Data, is about understanding data and getting most out of your online campaigns. His blog is full of actionable content on how google analytics can be used for different purposes like marketing and SEO.

You can simply learn everything that is related to google analytics and is a must read analytics blog.

Good Read: 5 Ways to Turn Your Google Analytics Data Into Awesome Dashboards


14). Lunametrics

Lunametrics is one of the known google analytics partners delivering comprehensive and significant knowledge about analytics, Adwords and tag manager.

The Lunametrics blog is a great resource for going from basics to advanced tactics of analytics.

Good Read: Basic Google Analytics Filters for Every Site


15). Measure School

Julian Juenemann, the founder of Measure School is working hard to give back what he has learned from his data-driven strategies.

He aims to teach the data-driven way of digital marketing through video tutorials and online courses.

Training Resources: GA & GTM Training Resources


16). MegaLytics

Megalytics was actually founded to build better reporting tools for analytics professionals. The Megalytics blog contains guides and detailed articles for everyone. You can easily read and digest the information they provide.

Good Read: Understanding the Funnel Visualization in Google Analytics


17). Occum’s Razor

Avinash Kaushik, the digital marketing evangelist at Google and the author of two bestselling books Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics: An Hour A Day, is the man behind this blog  

His insights are  a must-read for every individual in the digital marketing industry.

Good Read: Web Analytics Segmentation: Do or Die, There is No Try!


18). Ohow

Carlos Escalera, the founder of Ohow is a passionate digital marketer. His blog covers quality guides related to digital marketing, SEO, analytics and online tools.

If you are looking for easily digestible guides, you should look no where then ohow. Although, he doesn’t publish regularly but his blog is worth following.

Good Read: Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of All the Spams in Google Analytics


19). Online Behavior

Founded by Daniel Waisberg, aiming to provide a source of knowledge for website owners and analysts looking to understand how their online customers behave.

The blog cover topics around google analytics, social media and marketing measurement. Any individual with intermediate knowledge of web analytics can benefit from this.

Good Read: Online Marketer, Web Analyst or Data Scientist


20). Online Metrics

The founder of Online Metrics Paul Koks is  enlightening  marketers, analysts and business owners in a unique way, to help them improve their perception about google analytics and digital analytics.

This blog covers actionable tips and guides for basic and advanced digital analytics enthusiasts. It also provides in-depth analytics audits to ensure you collect the accurate data.

Good Read: 42 Analytics Experts Share Their Best Strategy to Define Actionable KPIs


21). Optimize Smart

Optimize smart is one of the leading blogs when it comes to google analytics and digital analytics. This blog provides comprehensive and detailed articles related to SEO, google analytics and digital analytics.


Founded by Himanshu Sharma – the goto resource for many of the digital analytics experts, this  blog is full of worthwhile analytical information.  One needs to have enough energy before going through his articles.

Good Read: Complete Guide to Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics


22). Web Analytics World

Web analytics world has a team of bloggers dedicated to ensuring comprehensive and detailed articles. They have also a guest post section where Himanshu Sharma and Paul Koks often publish few articles.

Their main focus is web analytics, however they also post some good articles related to SEO and Social media.

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23). Simo Ahava

The web analytics world is incomplete without Simo Ahava. He has a great passion for his work and he loves helping the community.

His blog is full of feature-rich  and detailed articles, along with  tips about google tag manager and google analytics. His blog is a must read and I personally read one article a day from his blog.

Good Read: Variable Guide For Google Tag Manager



Tony Simonovsky the founder of Stonyme, is another rising star in digital analytics world. He calls himself a digital nomad and is an independent web analytics specialist.

He writes some expedient and helpful articles about practical google analytics, web analytics and integrations. If you are making a list of your daily subscribed blogs, this one should definitely be in it somewhere.

Good Read: Understanding Direct Traffic in Google Analytics


These are the top 21 google analytics blogs I recommend to follow in 2017. Remember I didn’t include those blog which don’t directly focus on google analytics. Otherwise, this could be an endless list.

So, what you think of the above listings? Discover anything new? Please let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to download the checklist. I have listed all the analytics blog in a pdf file so it would your goto resource next time.

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